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Garage Door Installation Calabasas

With all the option, the information, and the different opinions about the garage door it can be easy to get confused when searching for a new garage door. It can be a new garage door installation Los Angeles or new garage door installation Redondo Beach, shopping for a new garage door can be a tough mission. But luckily, when you purchase a new garage door, you are purchasing a garage door that can last for 20-50 years and more, so you better make the right decision. In this article we will try and help you get the best garage door for you. Although we are based in Woodland Hills, we wrote this article for all our customers in Los Angeles, and people who located in different cities may also find it helpful.

How/where to find a new garage door in Calabasas?

If you look around you when you walk or while driving the streets of Calabasas California, or any other residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, you will notice endless amount of different garage doors, with different size, colors, and which were made from different materials. You will probably find some doors that will be similar, and even exact to the type of garage door in Calabasas you are searching for. There are Wooden garage doors, Hollow doors, Glass doors, Aluminum doors, Insulated doors, one panel doors, commercial door, garage doors with a walk through doors and more. So it easy to get confused through all the options. We have created a list of things to consider when looking to purchase a new garage door.

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Always Look for High quality garage door in Calabasas
If we will leave color of the garage door aside for a moment, what really matter is the quality of the door you will purchase. When you are purchasing a new garage door for your home or your business in Calabasas zip code 91372, you are making an investment that will last for many years, and when you purchase quality you are getting quality in return. We are big believers in quality, since we have learned that at the end, quality is something that worth the investment. Starting from the tools we are using, the tracks our garage door technicians in Los Angeles drive, though the parts we use to fix broken garage doors in Calabasas, we always aim for quality.
There are different garage doors brands and overhead doors manufactures in California. Some of them offer new garage doors supply near Calabasas 91372. Many of them offer high quality doors, but not all of them some will offer you low quality doors, and this is exactly what we are trying to help you avoid. The difference between a high quality garage door in Calabasas, and a low quality garage door can range between 10-40% of the price. But if you look at it in the long term, while considering the fact that a high quality can last 10-50 years, and with the right maintenance it may never need repairs, you will see that invest some more money in quality, will save you both time and money, and will prevent from you the need for a garage door technician Calabasas 91372 to come and fix your door every other year.
The high quality overhead doors in Calabasas California are stronger, better insulated, and will probably last longer. But beside the time and money you will save on repairs, and the need to replace the overhead door much sooner than if you would of purchase a high quality door, the quality of the garage door is something you are going to enjoy every time you will use the door. And if you replaced a low quality new garage door in Calabasas with a top quality one, you will see the difference from first use.

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Garage installer Calabasas 91372

Another important thing that you must consider on your way to a new garage door in Calabasas 91372 is the installer. You want a professional installer to remove the old door with minimum damage to the garage, and to install the new door in the best way it can be installed. Whether you are looking for a new garage door in Calabasas, or a garage door installation in Los Angeles, look for a professional installer that may be a bit more expensive than others who offer quick and cheap service, but which eventually going to cost you a lot more. There are many options when it comes to new garage door in Calabasas, so there is no reason why you won’t find the perfect door for your home.
Not every new overhead door installations in Calabasas is the same, and not once the installation require certain knowledge and experience, to overcome unexpected issues such as an unusual structure of the garage, a law head room, and other obstacles that may require experience in installing new overhead doors in Calabasas.

The prices of a new overhead door in Los Angels

If someone will tell us what the price of a new car is, we will tell him what the price of a garage door is. Now seriously, the price range of new garage doors in Calabasas usually run between 100$-1,000,000$. Ok, you got the idea there is no one price for a new garage door installation. There is no one price for a new garage door, just like there is no one price for a new car, it depend on many variables, and each new garage door installation in Calabasas  may require certain parts. And if someone tell you that he can install a new garage door for you for 399$, you should know that it will not end with 399$, and if it will, the door will probably last for 399 hours.
There are many different kinds of overhead garage doors in Los Angeles: There is a single garage doors, double garage doors, residential, commercial, glass garage doors, steal, wood, Vinyl, glass section, insulated, non-insulated, law headroom,  torsion spring system, extension spring system belt operator, chain drive operator... So it is impossible to define how much it cost to install a new door. This is why we will come to your place in Calabasas, inspect the door, and together with you decide which garage door will be the best for you.
If you choose to buy a quality insulated overhead door from a known garage door supplier in Calabasas 91372, you will get 2 things: The first thing is a door that will serve you and last for many years. And a door that will operate smoothly and silently, and which its quality you will notice from first use (As long as it will be maintained on time). So we prefer to use the term “invest” instead of “spend”. If you try and save money, buy purchasing the cheapest overhead door in Calabasas, you will get a cheap door in return. It will probably last for 5 years, and may need repairs during that period.
We avoid installing the cheap garage doors in Calabasas. We have decided that we prefer to refuse accept the job, than to put the signature of Bravo Garage Doors on a garage door from a low quality. You may find a garage door company in Los Angeles, who will be glad to install a cheap and low quality garage door for you. But if you are looking for a high quality overhead door, that will last for many years, and that will be installed by a garage door expert, who installed hundreds of overhead doors in Calabasas 91372 Ca, you better contact Bravo Garage Doors.

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Repair or replace the door?

The way we see it, to try and answer that question over the email, or over the phone, without physically inspect the garage door in Calabasas, is irresponsible and definitely unprofessional. There are many variables which should be calculated, and first one is the safety. We usually consult with the customer, and give our professional impression whether to repair or replace, but if it is a matter of safety, we will not repair the garage door, and we will either replace it with a new one, or we will pass the job. We have a reputation in Calabasas, and we will never pass any safety rule for a job.
Here are some things to consider when thinking whether to repair or to replace your overhead door in Calabasas:

  1. If the repair will cost over 60-70% of the price of a completely new garage door in Calabasas, we may advice you to consider replacing the door (Of course that the condition of the garage door matter).
  2. If the panels of the garage door are rotten, and repairing the door will only be a temporary solution, we may recommend to replace the door in Calabasas.
  3. If a garage door in Calabasas is not safe for use, even if we will repair it, we will recommend to replace it.
  4. If a garage door in Calabasas is old, we may recommend to replace it.
  5. If an overhead door in Calabasas does not fit the open where it is installed, we may recommend to replace it.
  6. If an overhead door in Calabasas is installed in the front of the house, and it is in bad condition, you may want to consider replacing it.

Garage opener installation Calabasas

New Garage Operator Calabasas

When you purchase a new garage door in Calabasas, it usually include a new garage operator installation as well. A new garage operator installation in Calabasas is usually required in one of 2 situations: When the old operator stopped working, or if there was never an operator installed before, and you are interested to switch using your garage door in Calabasas from manually to electrically. If it is an operator replacement, and you would like to continue and using the type of operator (Chain drive/Belt drive/Screw drive), the first you need to do is to contact a garage door company in Calabasas, to come and inspect the operator, and determine whether to repair or to install a new operator. If you will search online for a garage door technician in Los Angeles, you will probably find that Bravo Garage Doors will be your best choice.
There can be cases where a garage operator in Calabasas can be repaired, but we will still recommend to replace it with a new operator! If our diagnose will be that repairing the current garage operator will only last for 2-3 months, before the same problem will repeat, or before another issue will stop the motor from working, we may recommend to replace the operator and install a new garage door operator in Calabasas. We do that to avoid the situation when we fix a garage door Calabasas 91372, and to get a call from the same customer, telling us that the door is not working again.
If you have never had an operator installed before, and you are interested in installing a new garage operator in Calabasas, it may sound funny to some of you, but the first thing you need to do is to confirm that there is a power outlet in your garage, to which the operator will be connected to. Once you confirmed that, you need to choose which type of operator to install. The chain and the drive garage operators are our best sellers, and not for nothing, after more than twenty years of repairing garage doors and installing garage operators in Los Angeles, we have learned the high quality operators, like the Liftmaster garage operators are the strongest, and the most reliable.

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Safety Sensors Calabasas 91372

During the installation of a new overhead door, you must confirm that the installer include safety sensors as part of the installation. It is against the law to install a new garage door operator in Calabasas or anywhere else in the US that does not include a reversing safety feature such as the safety sensors. They may be the cause for many garage door problems and many times may prevent the door from closing although there is nothing in the way, but they can also save life. And when it comes to safety, there is no room for questions. If you are planning to install a new garage operator, whether it is a new garage operator in Calabasas 91372, or a new garage operator in Tarzana, you must include safety sensors.

Which new garage operator should I install?

Some of the garage door operators in Calabasas are from good quality, and some are from low quality, and as we explained above, we always favor the better operators for garages in Calabasas. But if you wonder what kind of operator you should purchase, we will say in general that there are 3 leading kinds in the market today: Chain drive operator, Belt drive operator, and screw drive operator. But choosing the type of the operator is not enough. You also need to choose a good brand. Here is a least of the leading garage doors and operators parts in Calabasas, and we service all of them: Our best sellers is the garage door opener made by Liftmaster, which are considered to be the strongest, and at the same time easy to operate.

New garage door Calabasas case study

We were asked to give an estimate for a new garage door supply and installation in Calabasas California. We estimated the job, including framing for 1,900$. When we sent the estimate, we got a respond that they found a garage door installer in Calabasas that can supply and install a garage door for 1,599$. We asked if it the same overhead door that we offered, and the customer said no. We respected the response (Although it was suspicious) and we moved on.
14 days later we get a call from the same customer in Calabasas, telling us that he wants us to do the job. We asked why, and he told us that the same person who gave him the estimate, doubled!! It when he was actually about to do the door. Apparently he priced just the door for 1,599$, not including labor, when we estimated the job for 1,900$ including labor.


When you are planning a new garage door installation, make sure that you understand exactly what you are paying for, and what you are about to get. And be suspicious about companies who offer new garage door installation for 299-399$, it usually end with a lot more.
We never believed in increasing prices. When we tell a customer this will be the price, we mean that this will be the total. No hidden prices, no small words, just high quality garage doors, and professional installers, to add one more customer to our long list of satisfied customers in Calabasas who used Bravo Garage Doors to service their garage door in Los Angeles to install their next new garage door.


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